EPP (Eagle Pride Party)

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On Saturday, November 19th, East held its first Eagle Pride Party (EPP) event.  This event was really about changing the perception of Saturday school.  Our goal was to change Saturday school from a historically punitive event to one of learning, community, dedication, pride, and fun!!  The day consisted of 4 hours of classwork followed by the Eagle Pride Party (EPP) which included a free lunch and a dance.  The party was offered free to ALL of our kiddos with two ways to attend.  1- Students passing all of their classes that also have 95% or better attendance were placed on our VIP list.  VIP’s could go straight to the party without having to attend Saturday school.  Students that were not on the VIP list were welcome to join the party, but would need to attend Saturday school first.  What an amazing day!! 

The East community really stepped it up for this one.  We had over a dozen staff members attend and support (teaching, cooking, tutoring, and cleaning) the students on Saturday, volunteers from Hinkley High School, over 60 students VOLUNTEER to attend Saturday school, over 100 students join the party, zero student incidents, and an AMAZING time!  

Please take a moment to watch the video that I put together to share with the students of the  highlights from the day’s events.  Click Here