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At East we expect students and staff to demonstrate PRIDE when they are at school and at school events. by choosing to be a student at East, you are committing to be an active part of creating a positive learning environment for yourself and others by being PREPARED, showing RESPECT to yourself and others, having the INTEGRITY to do what you say you will do, being DEPENDABLE, and putting forth EFFORT in improving yourself academically, socially, and mentally.

Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBiS)

What is Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBiS)?

East Middle School is a PBiS school. PBiS is a program that helps students develop the practice of positive behaviors. The basic philosophy of PBiS is this:

  • TEACH students how they are expected to behave

  • REINFORCE their good behavior

  • PROVIDE SUPPORT to students as they learn to correct misdirected behaviors.

PBiS is a framework for creating and sustaining an effective school-wide behavior system with an emphasis on preventing problems. Shifting the focus to prevention minimizes behavioral problems and increases academic time for students. When this type of system is fully in place:

  • Staff are more consistent in their expectations and actions.

  • Students and staff are positively recognized for demonstrating expectations.

  • Families and the community know these expectations.

  • A more positive relationship exists between and among staff and students.

  • Focus is on an educational approach to teaching, modeling and acknowledging expectations.

Providing predictability, stability, clear limits, consistency, and routine helps create safe learning environments. Structure helps children develop internal control and self-discipline by organizing their world and providing age-appropriate opportunities for them to make their own positive decisions.

How will positive behavior be reinforced?

All staff members work together to reward students for demonstrating the expected behaviors. Students receive "Eagle dollars" as a reward for their good behavior. They may shop with these Eagle dollars weekly to purchase treats from the PBiS store. The number of Eagle dollars they receive throughout each 9-week period may also qualify students to participate in an earned reward activity.