Chromebook Fees

Student Chromebook Fees
Posted on 09/05/2023
student on laptop stock photo with the phrase student chromebook fees

Schools may choose to charge students for intentional technology damages at the school leader's discretion.

Parents can pay the fee via Payschools or by cash or check with the school bookkeeper.

The Chromebook Repair Charge Tiers can be found as fees within Infinite Campus. Students will never incur a charge for the first damage incident. A first damage incident is labeled as Tier 0 in Infinite Campus with a $0.00 charge. After the first incident, future damages should be charged as listed for the specific cost it takes to either repair or replace the device. However, school leaders may choose not to assess these charges for subsequent incidents. School leaders can decide this on a case by case basis.

Any funds collected for student device damages will be deposited into the district general fund 10.

Once the technology ticket is resolved, the repair cost for the device will be in the ticket resolution. The school technology liaison will be notified on the closure of the ticket, and they will work with the bookkeeper to assign the fee to the student account if needed.

Please note that technology devices and accounts should not be withheld from the student for discipline purposes as they are required curriculum tools.