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Sports at East Middle School

Home of the High Soaring Eagles

A Tradition of Champions

Teams are open to 7th and 8th grades. For the school year 2021-22, 6th graders can participate in track, boys can wrestle, and 6th grade girls can swim. Call East for information regarding sports participation.

Fall Sports


Girls & Boys Track

Starts Aug. 12 and ends Oct. 2

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Boys and Girls Wrestling

Starts Oct. 5 and ends Nov. 13

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Girls Soccer

Starts Oct. 5 and ends Nov. 13

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Winter Sports


Girls Volleyball

Starts Nov 16 and ends Jan 6

Boys Basketball

Starts Jan. 19 and ends March 6

Girls Swimming

Starts Feb. 8 and ends Mar. 5

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Spring Sports


Boys Soccer

Starts March 22 and ends May 7

Girls Basketball

Starts March 22 and ends May 7

Broncos Futures Football

This program is run by Hinkley High School. Please call Hinkley or Ms. Bess or Ms. McLeod at East Middle School for information.